NerdBux – Earn Money Online

Nerdbux is the latest project of Timtech LLC and the first GPT / PTC site. The timtech LLC already exists 11 years., one of the sides of the Timtech LLC is online since 2001 and has over 160,000 members.,,, and are more websites from the Timtech LLC. At u find more Information about Timtech LLC.

NerdBux – New GPT / PTC site owned by Timtech LLC!

At u get paid to view websites and finish Mirco Jobs and U can join it for free worldwide! People from all over the world can join NerdBux and earn money with. U can earn between $0.001 – $0.02 per Click and 50% of ad value per referral click.  Also like Clixsense and other PTC site Nerdbux offers the Grid Game NerdGrid. U have 25 changes per day to win! U can win up to $2 with only one click. No Direct Referral limit! Which means U can advertise as many people as U want. NO INVESTMENT NEEDED! U don’t need to invest to get your payments! The minimum Payout is as low as $4.00. Payment are confirmed once per day. Not instand but U receive it on the same day. Payments can be requested via PayPal and Payza.

Sign up now and take your chance to win up to $2!

Take your chance and win up to $2!

NerdBux – Earning Opportunities!

  1. Paid to Click → Up to 40+ Ads per day. Earn between $0.001 and $0.02 per Click.
  2. Affiliate Program → Earn 50% from each referral click. You must view minimun 4 Fixed Advertisements each day to earn unlimited from your referrals at the next day. Nerdbux has a weekly referral contest.
  3. NerdGrid → Play the Grid Game and win up to $2 per Click! Each day U have 25 chances to win.
  4. Micro Jobs → On NerdBux U can earn money with finish Micro Jobs. The most Micro Jobs are PTSU Offers (Paid to Sign up) and U get paid for register on other sites.

What u need to earn money with NerdBux?

  1. → You must be 16 years of age or older.
  2. → You need a own email address.
  3. → You need a Account at PayPal or Payza to get paid.
… and interested in making money online!

Nerdbux was started on 28 June 2013 and have more than 40,000 members in less than a month! Join now and earn money online with NerdBux! The next NeoBux!? NeoBux is unbeatable i think but NerdBux can certainly argue with the time, i hope! -> Register now!

Best in PTC – earn money online while clicking on ads!